Logan Temple First 100 Years (Hard Cover)

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In 2009, this book was restored from the original book done by Nolan P. Olsen in 1978, it has a new modern look that is just beautiful, the stories and information inside the book were not changed only the appearance of the original design. Nolan Olsen did a wonderful job compiling information and photographs of the Logan LDS Temple. Nolan said, ". . .(I) tried to recall many of the faith promoting and spiritual experiences that will let you know that God is in His temple and ever has been; and to remind you of the eternal heritage that is ours, and how rich we are because of our temple and the truths it represents." Nolan used temple histories, temple records, notebooks, old ledgers, daybooks kept during the construction period, diaries and journals of the pioneers that could be found, newspaper articles, deeds, ward and stake historical records, letters and much more to compile this 300 page book about the temple. Complete with many pictures to show the building of the temple, and some beautiful pictures of the inside of the temple before the dedication. Truly a must have book for LDS young and old. Many of these stories are thrilling and will have your heart filled with awe as you read these tales of our forefathers!

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